STOP Octane Booster and Fuel Conditioner for Motorbike/Car – 325ml

Key Features of STOP Octane Booster and Fuel Conditioner

  • Reduces fuel consumption
  • Improves engine performance and helps run smoother
  • Increases acceleration
  • Easy and soft start of the engine
  • Improves the quality of gasoline
  • Improves combustion
  • Produces maximum power and torque
  • Quantity: 325ml
  • Made in USA

STOP gasoline supplement produced by the American company PENNSYLVANIA PETROLEUM INTERNATIONAL, abbreviated to PPI, is one of the top manufacturers of additives and ADDITIVE in the world, and STOP octane booster is one of the highest quality octane additives made by this American company. At the same time, it increases the octane number and quality of gasoline and washes the fuel system and car injectors. This product is composed of active and quality materials that are used in refineries to increase the quality of gasoline and discuss incomplete combustion or eliminates the impact on the car engine and also helps to increase the maximum power and torque of the engine and also reduces fuel consumption. STOP gasoline supplement is one of the best octane boosters made in the United States that protects your car/motorbike engine from damage caused by poor quality fuel.

To eliminate rough engine performance, add 5ml to each litre of gasoline. Repeat accordingly with each tank of gasoline.

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