DIPETANE Fuel Lubricant One Shot 275ML

DIPETANE Fuel Lubricant One Shot
Fuel Booster
Injector Cleaner
Carbon Cleaner
DPF Cleaner
EGR Cleaner
Diesel. Petrol, Octane, Hybrid


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* Dipetane Treatment 100% Hydrocarbon
* 10-15% Fuel Economy Boost up
*Using Dipetane reduces CO2 gas emissions by up to 25%.
*Using Dipetane reduces NOX emissions by 35%, thereby significantly reducing air pollution rates.
*Reduces vehicle black smoke by up to 50%.
*Cleans FUEL Injectors, Valves, Pumps & Exhausts thus keeping the car engine clean
*Dipetane’s unique technology helps burn the fuel completely.
*Cleans the accumulated carbon in the combustion chamber and does not allow excess carbon to accumulate. As a result, the engine is safe from sitting or getting damaged.
* Carbon accumulated in pistons burns out and does not allow new carbon accumulation.
*Protect Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) Valves.
*Diesel, Petrol & Octane Particulate Filters (PPFs and DPFs) make them Safe from Poor Fuel Combusting.
*It cleans the tank and supply lines of the car.
*Use one with 35 to 45 liters of oil.
*Made in Ireland

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